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Arild Petter SøvikFather, Husband, Photographer, Developer and Engineer
Me and my beautiful wife have been together for a quarter of a century. We have 3 children and we love to be active and to travel.

I have been a photographer for as long as i can remember and enjoy to take both photographs and videos. And experiment with technology.

Professionally I have experience from the client, the contractor, the consultant and the public road management. Last 7 years as Senior Principal Engineer (head engineer) at the Norwegian Road Authorities, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA).

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+47 950 88 793
Markaneset 24a, 5251 Soreidgrend, Bergen, Norway

Markaneset, 5251 Soreidgrend, Bergen, Norway

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Phone    +47 950 88 793
Place    Markaneset 24a, 5251 Søreidgrend,
     Bergen, Norway